Collectible Disney Pin Series: Dead Rides Part 2

Disney Pinz Nation

The second part of our Dead Ride Disney pin series spotlights another couple of early Disneyland ride entries in Tomorrowland that have since faded.  Interestingly enough, each of these two attractions have found a way to live on in present-day attractions at the Disneyland Resort…

Dead Ride America Sings

Located in Tomorrowland, America Sings was a rotating theater attraction that featured a ton of audio-animatronic critters entertaining guests with several acts worth of historical american numbers. It contained four musical acts and 40 songs.  The rotating theater was ingenious because it created a way for new guests to load and unload the ride during the first and last acts, allowing a high-volume of guests to view the performances.

While the ride waned in popularity and eventually closed for good in 1988, not all of the ride was lost forever. Two of the singing geese were stripped down to robotic form…

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