Yogurt, Star Wars Style


My local yogurt shop is amazing compared to what it used to be. Recently it was bought by someone who is in love with Star Wars. The people in the photo above were outside the hop on the corner fanning people into the shop all day. When you go inside they recently added a wood wall about 3ft off the ground then like 4ft of glass….kinda like a wall in the middle of the shop…behind the wall is a yogurt making area. Its boxed off on all sides except the back wall. I just got back from getting yogurt and it was amazing. He hand makes it right there in front of you. It’s no longer a DIY shop but its cooler. See, he has the different mixes for the different flavors, then he has this thing of liquid nitrogen that the yogurt sits in. It kinda looks like dry ice. Then after he (by the way, he=the owner of the shop) mixes the flavor and adds more liquid nitrogen. There is a tank by the cooler with all the yogurt, that he turns on and pour the liquid nitrogen in a bowl and starts making the yogurt. When he turns it on the nitrogen creates mist that fill the surrounding ground. After the yogurt is done you add your own toppings(so it still has a somewhat DIY feel to it) and then you weigh and pay. I thought that’s was pretty cool. He also has a replica made by one of his friends of Han Solo when he is in the carbonate that looks like it came from the movie. And of corse he has little Star Wars dolls and trinkets all over the place. Since the owner told me to spread the word of the shop, I decided to make this review. Its an amazing yogurt shop and the fresh frozen yogurt was better than before. He told me that he plans to add 15 flavors by the end of the week and have up to 30-40 flavors by next month. I cant wait to see what he adds. I advise you to go try it.

Address: 9292 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, CA 92071

Hours: Monday hours 12:00 pm–9:00 pm


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