Disney Quizzes

HeadoverEars posted some quizzes she took and I just finished taking them too. Here are my results:
Which Disney Channel BFF are you?

My Best friend Alex and I are Demi and Selena! I am happy we got them. Here is what the website said. ” You and you’re BFF are like Demi and Selena! You are both hilarious, and you both aren’t too girly. And you are well liked.” Totally us!


Which Disney Girl Will You be Best Friends With?

I would be best friends with Belle Thorne! Yay she is like my idol. Except I would have to be second best friends with her…Alex is first :). She will be happy I put that. Here is what the website said,”She’s a great friend and a good dancer, outgoing and  She’ll push you into new things” Just like me!n_bella-thorne_10760



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