DQF #8


Wow Genie was pretty smart huh? I agree with this completely!profound-disney-movie-quotes-16-pics_5

haha! This is so true especially high school girls. If you mess with there guy you better watch your back. Especially if you have your own Tinkerbell at your school 🙂


I love this movie… You know what, I just love everything Disney! Seriously though, this movie is so cute.


I feel like goodbye is such a sad word anyway, this just clears that up.

tumblr_m5jgllGwFz1qko769o1_500 tumblr_moa3dw3iwU1suv1lpo1_500

She was a hilarious character! She really knew how to speak her mind. Didn’t she? 😉



2 thoughts on “DQF #8

  1. When did the Genie say that?

    It may sound anti-feminist, but I agree that a jealous female is something to beware of, lol!

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