Disneyland Halloween Specdtacular


Its Halloween time and Disneyland’s Costume Party is on! My friend is going to Mickey’s Halloween Party, so I will have pictures by the end of the month to recap on what it was like.

Here are the rides that have been SPOOKED UP!

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy(couldn’t find a good nighttime video)

Haunted Mansion

Everywhere else you go there are Halloween decorations. Pumpkins, costumes, treats, and more!






Matthew Morrison(btw…don’t know who that random person is, LOL)

Mickey’s Halloween Party is on too!

Click the link below for more information:
Mickey’s Halloween Party


Basically the park is huge with Halloween everything and I love it! I am going soon for my birthday, so I will have many pictures to share when I get back…Hopefully one with me meeting Belle. I will most likely give a whole overview of my trip, who I met, what I did, and maybe what I ate…only if it was really good 🙂 Happy Halloween everyone!808023751_1867230


2 thoughts on “Disneyland Halloween Specdtacular

  1. Wow! That’s so cool.

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