is my Best friend

I don’t know if you have heard of, but you are about to. Its kinda like eBay, but the people you are buying the things you want most likely handmade it themselves. I was on etsy looking for Disney merchandise and I came across Beauty and the Beast iPhone cases. They’re super cool and I thought I would share them with you. They also had Disney TOMS. there are many different designs for the TOMS and iPhone cases.

Here are the links:

Beauty and the Beast iPhone cases

iPhones cases Disney

Disney TOMS




On my wish list(above) 🙂

il_570xN_502708195_sx3u il_570xN_508380757_1ehw il_570xN_517144395_kq0a



il_570xN_508630465_2tqaI think I’m going to get this one (above) il_570xN_513635053_pjjf  Or this one(above)

il_570xN_529924913_sp4f il_570xN_528388076_8r2y or this one …I cant decide(above) il_570xN_525233304_iq3pil_570xN_530270642_c4sj


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