The New Look


Disney is going to now brand Brave’s Merida as an official Disney Princess and is going to have a coronation at Disney World for proof, but how they did is another story. Yahoo articles say that she is only joining the royal line up because her makeover has rendered her skinnier, sexier, and glamorous compared to her original spunky tom-boyish self. Some images (like above) strip her of her bow and arrow and out her in the very dress she detested in the movie. This is an outrage because Merida was the princess everyone was waiting for. The people (mostly moms) wanted a princess who was strong, confident, seeking adventure, and self-rescuing. One blogger started a petition to bring back the original Merida, but it’s not just her. All of the princesses have had a makeover making them look more beautiful and slimmer and even sexier than before. I am a little bothered as well because it’s not the same as the original Disney. I think that if Walt could see this, he wouldn’t be happy. I think that we should leave the characters the way the famous Walt wanted them and designed them to be. It’s not just the princesses either, Disney channel recently let out a series of new Mickey Shorts that portray Mickey as a strong, manly, more into girls mouse than his original loving and fun looking self. If I come across any more information about this or find anything else to say, a follow-up post will be posted. For now, here are some photos proving what is going on.



imagesCA8CAJPC imagesCADI9BB9

imagesCATFSQDC imagesCAW9FS2O ku-xlarge mulan Mulan_Poc_creepy newdisneyprincesses

Is there really a reason that every girl has to look so perfect or so…the same. All of them not have the really defined, messy, sexy, hair. They basically have the same cheek bones and the same lips. All of them, every princess. Why. It really bothers me that even my wholesome childhood has to be messed with because it’s not pretty enough. For now, leave me a comment or email me about what you think. This post will also be made a page under “Rants”. This ends my rant 🙂


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