Beauty and the Beast


The time has come to review my FAVORITE movie! Yay! So , obviously I like this movie a lot so this might take a while, but I will try to limit my words. My favorite character in this movie would have to be Belle. I love how caring, kind, independent, and funny she is. But I have already expressed my liking to her in another page…so other than her I like lummiere. He is a funny character who is supposedly romantic with every girl that come along. I also like the Beast. Even though he is very selfish, he learns to love.(wow I sound super lovey dovey right now 😦 ) He is also a funny character. I fact everyone is this m0vie is really funny.


The funniest thing with this part is that most girls would say that’s completely true!

I think that my favorite songs from this movie are Belle, Belle(reprise), and Be Our Guest. They are all very clever with the lyrics and I appreciate that. These are basically the main Disney songs I sing at the most random times, and I end up song bombing* a lot of my friends in the process. In conclusion, as well as Aladdin, I think this movie really defines each character, from the heroine, to the hero, and to the villain, each one is it’s own. Way to go Disney!

*song bombing- my term for getting a song stuck in someone else’s head



5 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. This happens to be my favorite film from the Disney Canon as well!

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