Disneyland Facts


  1. If you go to Disneyland on your birthday(or close enough) and go to City Hall and tell them its your birthday, they will give you a birthday pin and write your name on it. When you wear it around Disneyland, the cast members are supposed to say :Happy birthday” to you. Its fun to see how many you can get.
  2. Disneyland welcomes 65,000 guest in a single day and 10-12 million a year
  3. Yes, there is a basketball court in the top of the Matterhorn
  4. Many of the faces in the Pirates of the Caribbean are molded of the faces of the Imagineers. (the original creators of Disneyland)
  5. The Pillsbury Doughboy’s name is the same voice that narrates the Haunted Mansion.
  6. From groundbreaking to when it opened, Disneyland was built in 365 days.
  7. At least 3 babies have been born at Disneyland
  8. There are at least 100 feral cats roaming Disneyland, day and night, to take care of any rats.
  9. To create the illusion of size on Main Street, designers made the ground-floor buildings nine-tenths scale, the second floors seven-eighths and the third floors five-eighths.
  10. Tomorrowland was originally meant to represent the futuristic year of 1986, when Halley’s comet was due to make its next appearance.
  11. Several times people have dumped family’s ashes inside the Haunted Mansion, which causes the ride to be shut down and cleaned ASAP.
  12. The Yeti in the Matterhorn has a name. His name is Harold.
  13. Every time Walt was at Disneyland he would leave the light on in his office above the firehouse to let people know he was there. After he passed, they decided to leave the light on all the time to show that Walt’s spirit is always with Disney.
  14. If you walk through the Castle passage leading into Fantasyland and look down, you will find a spike in the ground. Before Toontown was built, this spike marked the exact center of Disneyland.
  15. The smell of vanilla is pumped through vents onto Main Street. During the holidays, the scent is changed to peppermint.
  16. If you ask a castmember on the Mark Twain boat, you can steer the boat and get a certificate for doing it.
  17. If you ask the driver, you can ride in the front of the monorail.
  18. There is a sort of secret club in Disneyland called Club 33, which has a 1 year wait list.
  19. Steve Martin worked in the Magic Shop when he was a teenager.
  20. The water in Jungle Cruise is dirty on purpose so you cant see the shallow water, which is at most 8ft.

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