I have never been to any other Disney parks other than the 1st made Anaheim, California one, but I think its my   favorite. I like it more than the others because its where it all began. The first park opened in July 17, 1955. Now before the park even began being built, Disney had to go a lot. Everyone doubted Walt from the start. No one believed it could happen, in fact every one said it would be a failure. But Walt never gave up. Even his brother didn’t believe in him.  A lot of them said its a waste of money…people were very critical. Yet, he ignored them all. He continued on with his dream. When it began building, constructors worked very fast, so fast some  say that Rome could’ve been built in a day had the constructors in Disneyland had that job. But after many weeks, the day came when Disneyland opened for the first time.

After a while, they had to remove some rides, some that people even considered their favorites. But there were to many variables. For example, the Flying Saucers. They  kept breaking down, and it took too many people to handle it, so they took it away.  But those who remember that ride, want it back.  The Monorail was not originally what it is today. At first it was like a train that ran on railroad tracks. After Walt went to Germany, he saw the Monorail and decided that that is what he wanted in his park. So that’s what he did. This just proves that not everything was a success. At one time in the beginning, they had an old version of the submarine ride they have now. A cool feature was that they had live mermaids sitting on the rocks in the middle of the pond. But they had to be taken out because a group of teenage boys, figured out how to get over the gates, and they swam for the mermaids. After that there was no more mermaids.

The next big thing was Animatronics. These are what Walt called robots that looked real and talked like they were real. The first way they tested it was in the Enchanted Tiki Room. In there they made birds, that would sing to one another and move around as if they were real. The next was when they made the Lincoln exhibit. This did not work out very well at first because there were several glitches.

Though all of these things have been removed or perfected or are still being worked on, those who have worked on Disneyland feel that it will never be completely finished. There will always be things to add and maybe remove. If you want to learn more, which I recommend, click on the link below. It will take you to a very interesting video that you should watch.

Disney YouTube Documentary


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