Hidden Characters

Throughout all Disney movies, Disney hid other Disney characters within other movies. They also have hidden mickey’s in there movies too. Here is where I will put what movie and what character are found in what movie. If you find any please fell free to post a comment and I will post the information. 1df9c05a20c79cd11023943bf6339d0a Belle(Beauty and  the Beast), the carpet(Aladdin), and pumba(lThe Lion King) are all found in the beginning of Hunchback of Notre Dame.

lilo-stitch-hidden-dumbo-reveal Dumbo(Dumbo) is found in Lilo and Stitch.

tumblr_ma5w3jPEKb1qaqk32Mr. Incredible(The Incredibles) is found on the little boy’s magazine in Finding Nemo.

pinochio Pinocchio(Pinocchio) is found in Tangled during the song in the bar in the woods.

tumblr_ma5w8nfAQR1qaqk32 Buzz (Toy Story) is found in Finding Nemo in the toy chest in the dentist office.

hidden-gems-from-disney-movies-27-pics_4 Best (Beauty and the Beast) is found in Aladdin when the Sultan is making his tower of animals.

imagesCAGPDVH7 The china from Beauty and the Beast( Mrs. Potts and Chip) are found in Tarzan.

imagesCAH9LETX Nemo is found in Monsters Inc. when he is saying goodbye to Boo.

Zr8m5Dd Sebastian is found in Aladdin when Genie is going through the book of recipes for a recipe for being a prince.


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