My Disney Memories

Let me start of by saying. I am not supposed to show my face on the internet(parents are protective)…so you will not be able to see my beautiful smile. You will be able to see who I was with and what I was wearing.

Here are the characters I met/ saw:

20130727_230718_Tomorrowland Way DSCN3077DSCN3078  DSCN3084    redo 3 redo 9 redo 5 redo7 redo6 redo 8redo 10

These are pictures of me in/ outside the hotel:

redo 11  redo 13

Lastly, here is the meal I ate at Goofy’s Kitchen….I love bacon…

20130728_121113_Disneyland Hotel 20130728_121140_Disneyland Hotel

This was my trip on 7-26 through 7-28 2013






hws pssh    njb ps


What’s this?? 😉



The place setting second from the right

has hujs   IPAS jgsdp;

';dc juhbvfss mld'ghs nbjdgn;dg se[t

This was my trip on 10-25 through 10-28


One thought on “My Disney Memories

  1. omg how fun!! 😀 disneyland is really really cool! 8o

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