Peter Pan


“Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning”…

I love this movie so much as a kid. I watched it so many times I could say the lines with the characters and sometimes before they said it themselves. I think the plot is amazing and the animation helps bring it to life. The fact that the dog is the nana out a smile on my face. I mean how cool would it be to have a dog to take care of you. I wish my dog could make my bed in the morning so I didn’t have to. Especially on those lazy days…


On to the other characters… Tinkerbell!! she is like my favorite fairy of all time. I like that she gets jealous of Wendy and how she checks her hip size using the mirror. I also think its cool hat her glow changes color by her mood. That adds to the magic. Next is Wendy, the best big sister ever. She is caring, kind, imaginative, and loving. If I were a big sister I would like to be like her. Then there is Peter Pan. As self-centered as he is, he is still my cartoon crush. If only he were real, but then my friend and I would fight over him(haha).

This movie definitely has its funny moments…

bitchy-disney-funny-mermaid-peter-pan-Favim_com-266593 tumblr_ls9cp8W4Zd1r3v6f2o1_500

In conclusion, I really love this movie and always will. Thanks for another classic Disney and thanks for an all time cartoon crush.



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