Star Wars


In a Galaxy far, far away…..Disney buys Lucas Films.

This brings up some controversy that I would like to give my take on. So, here it is. Princess Leia is NOT a Disney princess. Yes, technically she is owned by Disney, but Disney was not the one who came up with her. Lucas Films “made” her not Disney, this means she is not a real Disney princess. If she was she would most likely be animated. I’m sorry but this really ticks me off. When I asked my friend what her fav Disney princess is and she came back with “Princess Leia” I sorta went off on her in a nice way by saying all of this. There Is also the fact that Disney is trying to make new Star Wars. Look I love Disney but I don’t think that they will do good with this. So good luck Disney .

After reading this, if you could comment on what you think that would be great… This ends my rant 🙂


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