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Disney Characters, Up Close and Personal

The way the colors in the picture are enhanced makes the “magic” even more magical…..if that makes sense 😉












My Disneyland Trip Review!

Omgosh…it took so long to get all the pictures I took sent to my email, but finally got them. I will post them ASAP This years trip was most definitely better than last years. Not only did I get to go to both parks and I rode my first loop on a roller-coaster(I know sad but whatever), but I MET MY HUSBAND! Not a literal husband…I mean Peter Pan! I finally met him…I kind of tracked him down. Heehee.

I also got a lot of new pins and souvenirs. We ended up getting an upgrade at the hotel we stayed because they mixed the rooms all topsy-turvey…by the way I recommend not staying at the Ramada. 😉 Anyway, I had a blast it was sooo much fun I can’t wait to go again. Back to the roller-coaster thingy, yes I have never been on a loopy loop in a ride before because I was terrified of going upside down. Well, my mom and my Best Friend made me go on it and I am glad they did. It was AMAZING! It is cool that my first one was on California Screamin’ as well.

Like I said before I took a ton of pictures that will be posted and added to my Disney Memories page as soon as I am able to. If you have a any questions about my trip(who I met, what I saw, and who I saw, etc) feel free to comment!