Belle’s Dress

Okay look… I love Disney and always will but they have never ticked me off as much as they are now. Lets re examine the picture in my post.


Okay still don’t see anything wrong? Let me spell it out for you.

HER DRESS IS WRONG!!! I have see Beauty and the Beast multiple times in my life and I would have noticed PINK on Belle’s ALL YELLOW dress. There was never any pink on that dress. Especially not pink roses. Ya, sure the symbol for the movie is a rose….but it’s RED.  Her dress never had pink anything on it. That’s why her color is yellow and just yellow. I know it’s a small thing but this bugs me because its not as legit as it should be. Disney if anyone in your department is reading this….please change it. Thank you 🙂 Just a reminder…..This is how her dress SHOULD  look:
untitled 3497485594_9463a42a3c

This ends my rant 🙂


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