Hidden Mickeys

Alright so what is a Hidden Mickey?

Basically, The *Imagineers of Disneyland put a silhouette of the famous mouse’s head anywhere and everywhere in Disneyland. They are easy to find and hard. It’s fun to look for them when you are in Disneyland. They can be on buildings on statues, rides, pictures….anywhere!!!  Now fans all around look for them. They can be combined by rocks, stone, wood, dots, paint, anything really.  Here are some that I found myself

get-attachment (2)    ikhbj

jbjb      get-attachment

There are these and so much more. They are located in each park within Disneyland. If you want to know more about Hidden Mickeys click here.  By the way these are not just in Disneyland California…..but they are located in Disney World, Disney Paris, etc.  Here are some more examples…

HiddenMickeyToonTownDL     ,

This one is hard to see…Very creative Imagineers. (above)

hmgolden      hidden-mickey-ears-disney

HMalice1         mrtoadeye

This one is even harder to see than the other.(on the  right)

uigj khsdfi

The plate setting second from the right on the table

*An Imagineer is someone who help put the park together. Like the first constructors, designer, etc. of Disneyland.


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